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The Rental Market is Broken.


In nearly every community in the United States, home ownership is simply not affordable for the vast majority of people.  As ownership rates have dropped to their lowest levels since the 1960's, a growing proportion of the population has been thrown into the rental market.

Renting today is its own challenge, highlighted by the fact that over 50% of all renter households are in the "unaffordable" category, based on the proportion of income required for rent.  There are many reasons why our current market-based housing is failing both tenants and property management -- which we'll share in a series of articles over the next few months.  Our mission is to overcome these failings and introduce balance to the rental market's renters and suppliers.


Total U.S. Rent Spend
Billions ($)
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Amount left over for other needs by Middle-Class Renters, ($)
U.S. Renter Households (millions)

Let's fix it.

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  1. Educate Establish as the most trusted platform to discover and share rent information. Verified pricing and objective evaluations by tenants, for tenants.
  2. Empower Engage our visitors and users with helpful renting resources and tools, complementing crowdsourced information and tenant insights.
  3. Engineer Launch the Furiocity product -- a system that automatically groups tenants by criteria they set, then negotiates rent prices and increases with the power of a group at hand.


Share the wealth.

Furiocity is a platform for tenants and properties to share and access rent knowledge. Our upcoming beta will introduce rent negotiation as a service for tenants seeking to reduce new and renewal rent prices.
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