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Furiocity is bringing fundamental change to the 43 Million renter households in the United States.  Our phased approach begins with introducing transparency and education to rental relationships, providing the resources needed to rent smarter.

What affects my rent pricing?


The Rental Market is Broken.

Rent Burden

The disadvantages tenants face when renting are numerous.  The rental market is positioned against renters, which has led to an unprecedented increase in the resulting financial "rent" burden.
What is Rent Burden?

Supply & Demand

Strong investor interest has driven up the prices of apartment properties over the past decade.  The national vacancy rates, however, have increased sharply -- along with a disproportionate rise in rent pricing.  Forecasting by property managers and their associates is subject to the best estimates of a specific team.
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Lack of Transparency

Power between property managers and tenants is fundamentally imbalanced.  One-sided knowledge, ambiguous pricing, and a dearth of accurate listing platforms have bred a toxic landscape reminiscent of used car lots.   A lot of the info we see about renting is false or misleading, and we aim to correct that.
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There are 43 million renter households in the United States, half of which pay more than 30% of their incomes on rent.  Subscribe and help restore balance to the rental market with us.


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